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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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rain. perfect for what we need for the reservoirs but hitting on the afternoon commute. a look at the radar. it is raining. reports in antioch of rain. the entire bay area but the south bay. heavier rain around san mateo. south you will see a lot less rain. down here, morgan hill, san jose, very light rain. heaviest rain right now has been showing up on the peninsula, san francisco, marin county, piedmont, oakland. everybody getting wet. clayton and danville. livermore as well. dublin. rain showers showing up. back it out you can see that the temperatures are on am mild side. a warm storm. the afternoon commute is getting hit. this isn't a major storm but -- major storm but it will bring uta quarter inch of rain. -- bring us a quarter inch of
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rain. beyond that there is another storm system that will come in. we will see you back here. 2 investigates tonight the long list of potential problems involving the eastern span of the bay bridge before the state takes ownership it wants to make sure nothing on the list will cause problems in the future and we are getting a look at what still needs to be done. ktvu's tom vacar joins us now, live in the news room where he  is pouring through the paper work. >> reporter: it is plenty of paper work. thousands of items. >> reporter: the bridge that was open labor day meets all requirements but it is not done. punch lists is 8 different lists, 147 pages, details thousands of things still needing work. there are a multitude of modifications, corrections and
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repairs needed before the contractor can walk away. lists were created by engineers who crawl all over the structure making it a work in progress instead of a final list. many of the items are cosmetic issues like removing rust and repainting, retightening ult bolts -- bolts, installations of washers, replacing temporary bolts with permanent ones were accomplished long ago. most show what list still need attention. i will pour over this all night and tomorrow to see if there are any surprises or major problems. >> reporter: and if you want to see that list we are posting it to tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here is what happens next,
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the list, an executive summary will be presented tomorrow to the committee during a closed door session and on wednesday the report goes before the full board of the toll authority. at that time we should learn if there are significant problems. new information on a brutal attack. a woman is under arrest after admitting she attacked her mother with a hammer. 57-year-old cindy lynn burleigh was taken into custody after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded her mother's house. that is where the hammer attack happened. police say cindy lynn burleigh's mother has several skull fractures and is in critical condition. cindy lynn burleigh is facing several charges including attempted murder. community is in mourning for the 14-year-old girl hit and killed by a train last night. classmates wore pink today in
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honor of jenna betti. ktvu's ann rubin is in martinez tonight where she learned about the teen's final moments before she was hit and killed by the train. >> reporter: her friends are still in shock. they can't understand how this happened or why her smart phone seemed so important she would run towards a train to retrieve it. >> reporter: jenna betti's boyfriend said we smiled and she kissed me. they were lying on the tracks talk. her mother writes why they made a terrible decision we will never know. the 14-year-old jenna betti was killed incidentally. >> how is this real? how did this happen? >> reporter: friends banned together today wearing pink in jenna betti's honor. >> she will always be in my
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heart. >> everyone was crying. >> they described her as well liked, good students and great athlete. >> beautiful young lady who added so much to our school community. we are all grieving her loss. >> reporter: counselors were on hand to help students athrough the day. friends felt -- through the day. friends felt her absence. >> depressing, knowing she is gone. hard to believe she is gone. >> reporter: friends will continue to honor jenna betti. they are working on a video tribute here at the school among other things. the investigation into the accident is ongoing. live, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as her classmates remember jenna betti you can also share your condolences to family and friends. look for ktvu on facebook. one person was killed when a plane crashed near lake tahoe this morning but a second person was found alive.
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the plane went down about 11:00 a.m. this morning, 6 miles east of the truckee tahoe airport. the survivor is in critical condition. happening now, emergency crews are trying to fix a broken water main in concord. this is the scene from news chopper 2. the water district says water service is not effected however the road could be shut down for another 10 to 12 hours. another water main break, a school shut down today. streets were flooded at 4:30 a.m. this morning and as a result the school and 11 homes lost water service. they areexpected to finish
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tonight. new rules for ecigarettes that would regulate them. ktvu's david stevenson tells us, the hope is to keep them out of the hands of minors. david? >> reporter: san francisco advocates say ecigarettes like this one are being marketed to minors and by restricting where they could be used they are hoping to restrict who can use them. >> reporter: ecigarettes sellers can't keep them in stock. >> we opened last april and it tripled in sales. hard to keep a full selection of them. >> reporter: he says the draw for customers is ecigarettes emit vapor, not smoke, allowing them to smoke almost anywhere. that could change with a ordinance to restrict ecigarettes users to the same areas as tobacco smokers. the law would also protect children. >> i have a 13-year-old daughter and she says kids are right now smoking in the
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classrooms when teachers turn their backs. >> reporter: critics say they are designed to appeal to minors. >> bubble gum, gummy bears. everything imaginable. >> reporter: she says local stores sold her ecigarettes no questions asked. >> i was able to do this experiment, not being i.ded. >> reporter: agreement with 46 states forbit cigarette makers to market to youths. -- forbids cigarettes makers to market to youths. >> kids are pretty much turned on tathey have to show -- to they have to show i.d. >> reporter: the ecigarettes ordinance will be taken up later this week with the board of supervisors voting as soon
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as next tuesday. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. . oakland city administrator is stepping down. she will resign later this week. the report sites sources who say she is leaving because she believes her efforts to get the city on sound financial ground have been two warted by the counsel and mayor jean quan. president obama said today he is considering economic actions to isolate russian after their invasion of ukraine. >> i think the strong condemnation it received from county countries around the world -- >> the president made the remarks, president obama said he also wants congress to pass an aid package for ukraine.
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the united nations discussed the situation in ukraine. the outed president of ukraine had asked for russian troops to maintain order. they accused russia of fabricating it. a cross country trip aiming to raise awareness. he is a juggler with the cirque du soliel raising money for people hurt or killed when protesters clashed with police in kiev and he is asking people to sign a flag he will send to ukraine. >> well wishes from american people and send the writing on the flag, send it to the center of kiev. support from america to
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ukraine. >> he plans to end his trip in front of the white house. he hopes he can get a member of the administration to sign the flag before he sends it to ukraine. dozens of jobs are available and oakland police are trying something new to fill them. the three things they need strengthen the department. >> the rain is picking up. still to come the viableinable that means a little -- viablemirability that means a little rain can topple trees. charles not having coverage stressed me out.
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a four-year-old girl is in critical condition after her mother crossed over the center line and slammed into a car. the accident happened around 12:15 a.m. this morning in fremont. police suspect the mother who is in critical condition was driving under the influence.
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the girl was in a car seat but it was not properly installed. the driver of the other car suffered serious injuries but not life threatening injuries and police say that driver may also have been driving under the influence and both drivers could now be charged. deadly pedestrian accident claimed the life of a woman in a crosswalk in fremont this morning around 6:00 a.m. on washington. it is a busy four lane street and it is extremely dangerous for pedestrians. while this is the first deadly pedestrian accident in fremont this year it is not the first ever for this crosswalk. in 2011 another woman was hit and killed in the same spot. >> pretty crazy. people comenying down there. -- come flying down there. >> police say the driver of the car that hit the woman called 911 and stayed at the scene to cooperate with investigators. a judge needs more time to
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review the case of a man accused of snatching a 9-year- old girl from a school bath room. the district attorney said he pleaded no contest in exchange for 27 years and 4 months but now he is claiming his life failed to -- lawyer famed to properly -- failed to properly inform her. he is also accused of taking pictures of four girls. only on 2 the oakland police department wants to grow so it is trying something new. there are 616 officers and the department has money to hire 91 more. the challenge is finding new, young and local recruits. ktvu's allie rasmus is live in oakland to explain the solution
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the department has come up with. >> reporter: the chief says part of the solution means turning to social media. they created a twitter account for recruitment and they are look at other ways of getting teens interested in a career with police. >> reporter: it was sent out in multiple languages. want to help stop violence, become a oakland police officer. >> we are recruiting the younger generation. more techsavvy. making use of social media. >> reporter: police graduated two academies but only 8% were oakland residents. >> not enough oakland kids are applying. >> we want them to be representative of the community. >> reporter: mayor jean quan says she wants to create a formal program for recruits
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starting with high school. >> we have a few but we want to up the numbers and have a whole school program. >> reporter: as many as 50 students would start the summer program, continue to become part time cadets in collegial and go from there into a -- college and go from there into a police academy. >> no one knows what they want to do till they get out of college. >> leaders admit it may be an uphill battle. many students' first interactions with police are negative but they hope they recognize this is a good opportunity. >> police officers are the best paid employees, best benefits. for a lot of young people are looking looking for job opportunities this may be one of their highest paid opportunities. >> reporter: starting salary ranges from 69 to $98,000 a
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year. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain wasn't pounding today but it was enough to cause problems. drivers had to turn around because of a large tree that went down in sonoma county. trees are weak from the drought so the weight of the water, even from light rain could be too much. and now a live picture here of the bridge. you can see it is coming down. looks like it is coming down pretty good there by the tollbooth. >> it is raining in many places. now back to bill to see if more rain is expected. >> the north bay is expected to see the most rain. but right now everybody is getting wet, which is good because we need it. bad because it is the afternoon commute. good. just call it good. making for a slow commute. we have heavy showers east of the hayward area.
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south san francisco, moderate to light. reports of heavier rain in downtown san francisco. and towards concord and pittsburgh and antioch showers picking up -- pittsburg and antioch showers picking up. this area by livermore, livermore, the rains are coming down, darker green. heavier rain, most of the roads are wet. san jose, right, what is going on? they have a hole. i haven't had reports of rain from san jose. you can see it moving in that direction. not too long from now we will see showers in san jose. be ready for that. this isn't a major storm but it is a storm. we need it. we will get good rain. rain totals heaviest in the hills, north bay and inch of rain in the hills. for most of us, san jose quarter inch. san francisco half inch. great. system number 2 rolls in
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wednesday night. thursday morning. same thing. focused north. like what we are seeing now. more rain. same idea. north and it won't come in powerfully like the other storms did. little wind. not a ton. tonight 11:00 p.m., lingering showers. we will track that on the 10:00 p.m. news. 7:00 a.m., morning commute. afternoon commute. not bad. wednesday morning, not bad. wednesday afternoon, not bad. wednesday over night. that guy moves in. does that look strong to you? doesn't look like much but it will produce showers. we could see accumulations from this storm, we could see a half inch. maybe an inch in santa rosa. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, wednesday showers. wednesday night into thursday. that is the period when we will see showers. tomorrow clears out. bay area weekend. what we are talking about is
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the afternoon commute being dicey. and then the next deal wednesday night, could impact the thursday morning commute and we will get rain. is it going to make a difference? no. hard to get the numbers to move. >> thank you. a's continue their strong start in arizona. >> and the 49ers bring back one of their most valuable players from last year. sports is coming up next. $
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the 49ers new stadium is 80% complete and it will be ready for the season but there are concerns about whether major develops will be ready for the super bowl in 2016. officials are hoping to expedite it especially for joe montana who projects includes two hotels and a restaurant. >> i imagine if it were open in time for the super bowl, the lines will be long and there will be a lot of people excited. >> officials say they hope to keep the planning process moving to get the montana project ready in time for that super bowl two years from now. joe fonzi is in for mark. you will take us to arizona for
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cactus league play. >> where it is warm and sunny. the a's and giants both back at it. one story is the return of john jaceo. the starting catcher. he was hit in july, wasn't cleared to return suffering from a concussion. she now back on the -- he is now back on the field and ready for action. >> kind of depressing when you are stuck in the training room. it is good to be back. and competing again. physically and mentally just ready to go. ready to get going and just been a while since i played. antsy. >> in cactus league play the a's jumped on clayton kershaw for five runs in the third. they got 7 and won 7-3. tim lincecum two two chaton innings before the padres scored six
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times, san diego a 7-2 winner. the 49ers checked one off the spring to-do list today. anquan boldin has been signed to a two year contract extension. this was his 6th 6th career 1,000-yard receiving season. he was highly regarded by his teammates and coaches. 2014 will be his 12 year in the league. 20 on the all time receiving list and the 49ers are working for an extension for colin kaepernick. >> warriors and sharks off today. see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. another big thing on the check list. >> thank you. coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, a hate crime, a attention teen was sexually assaulted at a high school. we told you about this on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m., we are working working to learn
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more how this could have happen. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night.
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